Our barn owls are back today!

1st October 2022

This morning our adults were back in the nest chamber.

It provides a sheltered and safe environment after the inclement weather we saw yesterday.

They will use the tower throughout the winter although they won’t always be there every day until it gets nearer the breeding season next spring.

Our owls are nine weeks old!

25th July 2022

The four owlets in the Len Pick owl tower are already taking their first flights at night.

They return to the nest chamber during the daytime.

The weather has been kind and they have thrived on a diet of mice, voles and shrews.

We shall see less and less of them from now on.

They will eventually leave their natal area to find a home of their own.

The adults will remain nearby throughout the winter and roost in the box. Hopefully they will raise another family of owlets in 2023.

This year the webcam has received more than eleven thousand hits from thirty countries.

Our owl chicks have been ringed.

July 13th 2022

Yesterday our four chicks were ringed under licence.

There were two females and two males. All four were very healthy and well fed.

The photograph shows three of the chicks, the eldest of which is seven weeks old.

They will soon be taking their first tentative flights but will return to the nest box for long periods.

A lot of the time will also be spent in the tunnel leading to the nest chamber.

Our chicks are becoming more mobile!

8th July 2022

Viewers of this blog will have noticed our eldest owlet was not in view for most of yesterday.

It’s that time when they start to explore their surroundings without leaving the safety of the nest box and the entrance tunnel.

It’s a little cooler in the tunnel on these hot days as the breeze can blow into the entrance hole.

The chicks usually return to the nest chamber at night.

Our chicks are zonked out in this mini heatwave!

June 22nd 2022

It can get very warm in the owl tower and it doesn’t help if you’re wearing a fur coat!

The calm, dry nights have meant good hunting conditions and both adults are now feeding our owlets.

They need around four small rodents each.

Two adults and four growing chicks means 20+ mice and voles have to be caught every night!

We have lost one of our chicks

June 10th 2022

Sadly our smallest chick died on Wednesday afternoon.

Nothing is wasted in nature so the second biggest chick ate it.

The incident was witnessed by one of our regular viewers.

The bad weather last week will have no doubt contributed to its demise as hunting will have been difficult.

Our eldest chick is already two weeks old!

June 6th 2022

How time flies.

The biggest chick is now two weeks old!

This weekend the female was feeding her brood of six when she accidentally flicked the tiniest baby from underneath her. Luckily she rescued it.

The difference in size is very obvious now.

We must hope the rain stops soon. We have had well over two inches in Bourne in the past seven days.

The male is doing his best to provide for his family but he will struggle to catch prey in this weather.